Area 27


Track Guide

For members of the track, as well as first-timers, Area 27 can be a daunting challenge. Even after many laps around the circuit, it always finds a way to challenge drivers trying to put together the "perfect lap"

I've put together a track guide available for download: HERE.



I'm now based in the South Okanagan and available for private coaching any day my schedule permits.

Contact Stefan:


P: 780-996-3933

Coaching Options

Private Coaching


Intense focus on increasing safety and speed around the track. Overall goal will be to improve proficiency around the racetrack, and ultimately, chase elusive lap time. Typically the most effective training for people trying to find speed around the course in the shortest amount of time.

This session will include setting a reference time, working with video analysis, driver self-evaluation, as well as notes from coach watching the car from different corners.

We will go beyond the racing line and focus on finding the limits of your car, and more importantly, yourself.


$1500/day for 1-3 days per year

$1250/day for 4-7 days per year

$1000/day for 8+ days per year

*Half-day rates are available as well.

*Can be split amongst 2-3 drivers. (+$200/driver)


Private Track Orientation


4 hour session (approximately) to introduce the track for new drivers or those who want a refresher around the course. The focus will be on introducing the racing line and teaching the rules of Area 27's race course.

This will include an introduction to the track, a lead-follow session, as well as notes from watching the car from different corners.


$500 (billed through SOMC)