Powered by Alberta

Powered by Alberta Businesses

Powered By Alberta™ is a unique Alberta business marketing program that focuses on developing and executing marketing and communication initiatives that best benefit Alberta-based companies. Through the Powered by Alberta program, create a partnership between Stefan and your company that will better connect your brand to your target market.



  • Visibility - Reach an extensive audience through a wide range of media including television, print, radio, internet, social mediums and on-site face-to-face contact.
  • Build Brand Equity - Showcase your brand on the race car at the 2012 Edmonton Indy and all of the Star Mazda Championship events Stefan competes in across North America.
  • Relationship Building - Connect with other Powered by Alberta business partners at track hospitality functions during the 2012 Edmonton Indy.
  • Marketing Collaboration – Opportunity to develop unique marketing and promotions that best serve your marketing objectives.
  • Team Building – Recruitment programs, employee engagement


"I invite you to come along for the ride, be a part of our Alberta success story, race fan or not. From the Road to Indy development ladder, all the way to the Indianapolis 500, we are building a winning team from the bottom-up. My name is Stefan Rzadzinski, driver of the #93 Powered by Alberta Star Mazda Championship racecar and I want to be the first Albertan to win the Indianapolis 500. Join me in taking on the world Alberta, this is YOUR team."


Powered by Alberta Pit Crew

The Powered by Alberta Pit Crew is a chance for fans and individuals to support Stefan while getting exclusive access to content just for members. You also receive autographed hero card, discounts on other merchandise, access to VIP parties and more.